Citizen Scientists and General Volunteers


One off

Watergum are all about helping the community to be part of something real. We help people gain skills, knowledge and a better understanding of the environment. Collectively we restore and maintain our landscapes to places of beauty, clean water and native habitat that will support our community and wildlife for generations to come.

There are so many ways you can get involved this sustainability month.

Watergum’s Invasive Species programs empower the general public to do something about one of the biggest threats to Australia’s natural biodiversity and wildlife habitats. We provides the means for local communities to venture out into their backyards, farms and local parks and act directly to help manage and eradicate invasive species and help their local environment.

Watergum's Citizen Science programs include PlatypusWatch, Waterbug Sampling, Seagrass Monitoring and TurtleWatch. Ideal for the family to get involved in studying and monitoring the environment. Its still hands-on but its a little more about science and less about getting your hands dirty. The main objective is to make science more accessible for the community and to produce valuable information so we know where more work is required.

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